Certified Scales

Certified Scales

Throughout history trade and commerce have been conducted through the use of "weights and measures" to ensure that merchant and customer alike receive a fair deal. In today's fast-moving international market, businesses that rely on scales for weight and piece count are strictly controlled by statute and regulatory requirements. The United States, Canada, and Europe all have stringent requirements for scales used in the act of trade and commerce.  Knowing which apply to you can be confusing. Thats why Digital Scales AZ is pleased to offer scales that have been approved to carry the OIML or NTEP certification! Tested rigorously to ensure complete accuracy, these scales are legal for trade and commerce.

Whether you are looking for a small scale to weigh produce or have the need for a certified scale for commercial shipping, Digital Scales AZ is pleased to offer you some of our most popular scales bearing the NTEP and OIML seal of approval. Get yours today!


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