Taylor 3890 Digital Scale with Measuring Cup

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Taylor 3890 Digital Scale with Measuring Cup

Finally an answer to being able to weigh, measure, and pour without having to shift ingredients between multiple bowls or cups! Taylor has designed this fantastic all in one scale and measuring cup with convenience and ease of use in mind. This scale comes with 5 pre-programed  ingredients : flour, sugar, milk, water and oil and converts them from ounces (weight) to cups (volume). Measures water, milk and oil in cups, fluid ounces or mililiters and measures flour and sugar in cups, ounces/pounds or grams. The measuring cup comes with easy to read marks in 1/4 cup and 2 ounce increments. This scale has an accurate measuring/weighing capacity of 6.6 lb x 1/8 oz / 35 kg x 1 g / 6 cups 48 oz / 1/8 cup or fl oz / 3000g x 1 ml. Comes with a tare feature, auto off to save battery life, and a recalibration feature. Operates on 1 lithium battery (included).


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Product Specs
Precision/Readability 1g
Capacity 6.6 lb
Weighing Units lb, oz, ml, g
Power Options Lithium Battery (Included)
Colors Available Red
Included Accessories Lithium Battery

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